Insights to Strategic Planning

Presented by Loreen Sherman, MBA

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Insights to Strategic Leadership with Loreen ShermanPlanning with checklists can prevent serious mistakes that could be terrible cost detriments for your company. Consider this,
Scenario: A head pressure acid leak is a serious problem. When faced with this careful steps need to be followed and when they are neglected the problem increases. So, how important is a pre-start checklist, obviously very.

Proactive prevention measures decrease harmful and even deadly problems!

Stage One in Strategic Planning Process

Preparation is critical for success. What would happen if those who prepared a pre-start checklist let it sit on the table, idly?

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to Prepare a Pre-start Checklist
  • How to Account for Situational Influences
  • How to Set Goals in a Changing Marketplace
  • How to Factor Contingencies
  • How to Make Decisions on a Time-Line

Continual Preparation, Continual Proactive Measures

Question: When must changes be made to specific procedures and processes?
Answer: Modifications happen when changes for improvement are introduced.

Question: Can a problem occur when a plan is updated?
Answer: Yes, often modifications cost time and money.

Operational Planning Strategies

Once specific overview of the direction and placement of key resources is identified, a manager can focus on routine tasks such as production runs, delivery schedules and human resources requirements. Deliverables and reaching milestones is the goal!

Learn what to do to lessen the need for modifications. Call Loreen Sherman for a free 10 minute consultation on how to improve your operational plan to make it more strategic.

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