Business of Innovation

Corporate Creativity Process

Presented by Loreen Sherman, MBA
“Loreen, a huge tip of the hat to you. Your writing/editing skills are awesome. I can't believe you also jumped on and tackled ... the analysis! I see no problem with us getting an A+ because of your massive contribution. Thank you a million times.” Fellow MBA Student, University of Phoenix.

Organizational Leadership Development with Loreen ShermanMore Than Imagination!

Loreen's organizational professional development programs provide tools to help strengthen your leadership qualities for better communication and help you strategically align your innovation.

Attendees Will Learn:

Once You Have Mapped an Idea, How Do You Leverage it? 
The Model for Strategic Innovation is to enable technologies alongside your value proposition. Innovation is key to growth. Participants will have an increased ability to create and implement new ideas in the decision making process. They will learn that incremental innovation is strategic. Innovation is the force underneath new products or services. 

The Roadmap for Learning and Innovation

  • How to Anchor Proposals and Business Reports
  • How to Generate a Strong Learning Orientation
  • How to Assign Control
  • How to Improve Leadership With Organizational Team Models
  • How to Position Your Idea within Essential Frameworks
  • How to Balance Task Significance for Successful Implementation

Beyond Brainstorming to Performance & Market Segmentation

Different innovation processes reinforce each other. Ideas are not islands. Roadmap and planned processes help to align the idea to a reality. Learning components include change factors, corporate social responsibility and task significance.
'Leading is a Planned Action!' says Loreen Sherman
Are you ready to find new markets, explore new possibilities and align your idea for successful implementation?
Better communication, improved leadership qualities and dynamic  leadership skills, increase business innovation with organizational leadership development programs.

Get the tools you need to strengthen your qualities for better business performance and to increase your business innovation. You will gain confidence and improve your leadership skills with this presentation!

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