What Depicts Your Organization's Sales Funnel?

What Depicts Your Organization's Sales Funnel?

Team Communication that Deploys New Lead Generation Tactics

Presented by Loreen Sherman, MBA

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Team Communication for Leaders with Loreen ShermanSay everyone on your five sales people team is an average performer, how do you raise the bar to generate more leads? Learn how to communicate for better performance management.

What Communication Skill Helps Generate More Sales?

  • Are Sales Formulas Effective in Today's Business Climate?
  • Is a Communication Protocol a Tool That Can Be Used?
  • What is a Qualified Lead and Proven Sales Processes?

Does your sales team deliver clear concise messages? If not,  why not?

Effective communication starts with knowing what your sales team wants to accomplish. Present sales objectives in terms of volume misses the mark. Sales are not a matter of numbers, sales are a matter of communication, effective, targeted, on-track and on-fire communication that results in others wanting to 'buy-in'.
The solution is simple, 

Empower Your Sales Team to Communicate Clear and Effective Reasons!

Attendees Will Learn:

Day 1 Morning Session: What is the Reason

Focus on Basics

  • How to Strengthen Employee Communication
  • How to Create a Dynamic Line of Communication with Potential Buyers
  • How to Further Discussion with Leads

Day 1 Afternoon Session: Why This Reason Matters

Focus on Benefits

  • Why This is a Benefit (or not)
  • Why an Improved State Helps ...
  • The Value of This Benefit is Beyond

This presentation will help your team members communicate and exhibit what benefits your product or service has to offer the potential client.

They will learn how to identify REASONS that others will want to have in a simple rendering of the typical approach in moving through the sales cycle.

Important Communication Skills to Know Before Your Next Client Meeting

Day 2 Morning Session: How This Reason Has Value

Focus on Value

  • Why Your Product/Service Has Value in the Marketplace Beyond the Competitors
  • Why Your Clients Don't See Value Offerings
  • Why Sales Lead Generation is Problematic

Day 2 Afternoon Session: When This Reason is Present, You ...

Focus on Needs

  • How Does The Product/Service Have Impact
  • Who is Responsible for Meeting Client's Needs
  • Two Important Rules to Remember

      After hearing this presentation, your attendees will want to practice the immediate take-aways to improve their sales targets, meet clients with a new mind-set and be ready for a positive impact.

      Improve your leadership communication learn how to communicate for performance management learn better team communication for business management. 

      Don't forget that Loreen Sherman's corporate leadership development customizes each presentation to provide you an educational experience.

      What question can Loreen help you or your organization with?

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