Learn How to Capture Your Team's Full Attention

Learn How to Capture Your Team's Full Attention

Team Leadership Development to Increase Performance

Presented by Loreen Sherman, MBA

“Informative on course delivery … great leadership … source of inspiration, empowered me to stay focused, you are a great teacher” York, ON, Canada

Team Leadership Development with Loreen ShermanDoes Your Team Model Unity and Collaboration?

How do they start and ends projects, how willing are they to complete tasks, how timely are your team's efforts? 

Learn How to Achieve Clarity and Alignment on Work Assignments

Attendees Will Learn: Strategies for Measuring Team Performance

Every Business should have a Vision and a Strategy to Achieve That Vision!

Day 1 Morning Session: Effective Alignment with Corporate Vision

  • How to Communicate Work Orders, Project Scope and Goals Constructively
  • How to Develop Information that Makes a Difference to Your Group
  • How to Lead for Continuous Improvement and Improve Pitfalls

 Day 1 Afternoon Session: Ownership in Meetings

  • How to Collect Better Status Reports
  • How to Identify Problematic Areas
  • How to Reward Without Favoritism

 Day 2 Morning Session: How to Reduce Wasted Time

  • How Effective Goals are Set
  • How to Support Initiatives to Reduce Wasted Time
  • How Motivated Workers and Team Involvement Produces High-Performers

 Day 2 Afternoon Session: How to Capture Better Performance

  • How to Focus on Business Results
  • How to Enhance Participation of Each Member
  • How to Align with Business Strategy and Get Commitments

Benefits: Working with teams can become extremely confusing because of the inherent complexities of groups, work stations and leadership involvement. If teams are effective, an increased respect and unity of the followers enables more participation. The interaction and collaboration yield higher results.

Focus on What the Business is Trying To Achieve

An effective measurement system draws a clear line of sight between the business strategy, the customer's needs, the team's strategy for accomplishing its portion of deliverables and requirements and a set of measures that is reflective. Team leadership development programs are effective tools that enhance decision making skills for team leaders.

This presentation will help you learn important facts and business information to help improve group capabilities to help extend the business functional unit.
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