Risk Management

Born in Calgary, AB Loreen Sherman grew up surrounded by oil and inherited an entrepreneurial-pioneer spirit. Now with over 30 years of interdisciplinary experience she provides a broad spectrum of risk analysis to reduce corporate and project-level risk in the oil and gas industry with candor, trust and integrity where people intersect process.

Management Consulting Services

Increase your company’s operating value and uncover ways to become stronger and thrive in this increasingly competitive market with risk-informed decisions.

Project Planning

Loreen Sherman is Director and CEO at Star-Ting Incorporated (STI) to help identify and mange risks with strategic risk planning and advisory services. Her focus is on project safety strategic planning using methodologies across several functional departments on a range of potential hazards focusing on a safety identification process. Best players do process safety.

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Sustainable Solutions

Loreen’s approach includes strategic risk planning and advisory services at design stage or implementation.

  • Combining traditional data gathering methodologies with more innovative techniques for both quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.
  • Applying process safety management program and process safety risk with best practices and case studies.
  • Aligning corporate governance with enterprise risk management.
  • Integrating corporate-level organizational goals, objectives, and outcomes.
  • Creating measurable value and validating core competencies across business functions.
  • Identifying, measuring or assessing risk to help control project-level risk.

Achieve Your Business Objectives

STI’s risk assessment studies collaborate with client teams where we guide you through the process and make sure you receive value from your efforts through communications and executive reports.

Regardless of the size of your business, risk management strategies are essential because an organization with an effective risk plan can save resources such as time, assets, income, property and people.

While it’s not possible to eliminate all potential risks, a risk management plan demonstrates your organization’s commitment to loss reduction and prevention. Ultimately, it can make your organization a better risk to insure, invest in and reduce project failure.

“On-camera, real-time feedback is over the top!” Carmen Goss, President, Prominent Personnel Ltd.

Manage Risk and Reduce Costs

Shave layers off your investment cost with direct source management consulting where Loreen Sherman provides assistance in social license to operate, reputation management and positive public profiles.

Protect your people from harm and know the environmental and safety hazards before your project starts. Her risk management program can enhance your organization’s ability to prepare for circumstances that could interrupt business plans, processes or projects.

“Loreen hit the mark, she got to the very heart of what makes us tick, she got to the meat of what will make us better and has put us in the position of what we want to be by following some of her recommendations”

Laurent St. Louis, CEO/President, West Rock Safety Ltd. Calgary, AB, CA

  • Would your company benefit if you could allocate resources more efficiently?
  • Would your company benefit if you made risk-informed decisions?
  • Would your company benefit if you improved lines of stakeholder communication?
  • Would your company benefit if you pinpointed issues before projects stalled?
  • Would your company benefit if you had a risk management plan?

Then, Loreen can help …



Leading is a Planned Action, Planning Outcomes

— says Loreen Sherman

Loreen Sherman’s reputation is well known in Calgary’s community. She provides after-sale service knowing that each client matters.