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sustainable development and solutions
business candor, trust and integrity

Meet Loreen Sherman

Born in Calgary, AB Loreen Sherman grew up surrounded by oil and inherited an entrepreneurial-pioneer spirit. Now with over 30 years of interdisciplinary experience she provides strategic advice to executives to help reduce complexities, find sustainable solutions and increase employee engagement with candor, trust and integrity. Get start-to-finish support.

Executive Video Assessments

Executive coaching for change, reputation or risk management with results you can see. Validate core competencies, find high potential successors, discover blind spots and optimize project viability. Video assessments increase efficiencies, create measurable value with solutions across business functions.

image of loreen sherman with client

Performance Management

Get direct source management consulting and shave layers off your investment cost. Director-level professional, Loreen Sherman provides strategic advice to boards, executives and management. Customized, personalized and interdisciplinary methods lead to sustainable development and solutions. Increase your company’s operating value and uncover ways to become stronger and thrive in this increasingly competitive market. Get hands-on support for operations improvements.

Strategic Plans and Sustainable Growth

Exploring new methodologies, Loreen Sherman investigates a new ROI model. Driving change, uncovering key factors for business growth and value creation is increasingly important as companies consider choices and trade-offs. Over a hundred delegates attended “What Managers of Change Do to Attain Sustainable Solutions” PMI-SAC Convention, Calgary’s Telus Convention Centre.

Professional Speaker

Raving fans walk away with extensive learning outcomes and insights from a seasoned professional speaker when Loreen Sherman appears on stage. Her diverse background adds depth and insider perception on business, leadership and management; as well as geology or earth sciences topics.

“Loreen hit the mark, she got to the very heart of what makes us tick, she got to the meat of what will make us better and has put us in the position of what we want to be by following some of her recommendations”

Laurent St. Louis, CEO/President, West Rock Safety Ltd. Calgary, AB, CA

Leaders face new challenges as the Knowledge Economy advances. Governance and risk management are issues the Board faces. Loreen Sherman supports executives with strategic advice where people intersect process.

Leading is a Planned Action, Planning Outcomes

— says Loreen Sherman