5 Critical Keys
Build Your Interpersonal Skills

Build Your Interpersonal Skills

Attain More Success

Attain More Success

Successful Leadership with Loreen Sherman

Attention All Leaders!

by Loreen Sherman, MBA

What is the root problem in today's business?

Old premises are a root cause of why both departments and functionalities of firms function in distinct ways. Often this Industrial organization structure resulted in the breakdown of communication. Staff development that looks at changes in the business structure are effective.

Why is this? Many established businesses built their organizational system in a pyramid top-down-form based on agriculture, mining and transport rooted in the Industrial Age (18th and 19th circa). This flow of critical processes still shapes many organizations.For example under the Industrial Age most business leadership employed the boss at the top of the pyramid. The boss coordinated 99.9% of the strategical planning. Downwards others carried out the fulfillment of the policies.

Are You Prepared for Onslaught of Information Technology?

In the Information Age technology has spurred a new class of business interaction. Computer technology increases the need for technicians who can fix the computer but do not necessarily have the soft skills to relate to the human counterparts who operate the machine. These men and women are smart, technical and very capable in their hard skills but difficulties and conflict often result because of communication problems

So, the question becomes ...
Is your organizational leadership struggling with this problem?

"How Can Interaction be Optimized?"

Business leaders are responsible for many relationships where they network to gain better insight and communicate to delegate deliverables. This interaction is critical for the success of the community spirit within the business organizational structure. The human tenant must be empowered and motivated in order to increase retention. Leadership requires followership to be in synch.

Often CEOs, directors, executives and managers are afraid to admit they have to advance certain skills because they or others may consider this as a weakness; paradoxically, an undeveloped area leaves these leaders open and vulnerable. Take the example of a manager who knows that a schedule change will effect the meeting time with a session. The choices to re-schedule could create a conflict with the team who had scheduled the meeting. How he/she approaches the situation could help or hinder the relationships of those involved. Discernment of how to approach this change could eliminate difficulties.

Proper business relationships create a bridge to help understand Information Technology better. Interaction is optimized with business support and learning how to build interpersonal skills. 

Here is a Short List of How to Build Interpersonal Skills:

(1) Passion for continuous learning and education.

(2) Desire to listen and confidence to talk.

(3) Honest in word and in action both privately and publicly.

(4) Authentic and genuine concern to empower teams to higher standards.

(5) Willingness to work, make mistakes and persevere.

These five critical elements underline the character of leadership. Shortcomings are part of the character of man. No one is looking for perfection because perfection cannot be reached but certain qualities can be improved with instruction. Authenticity is the revealing of self, interests, knowledge and goals to create teams that are cohesive and cooperate. Teams that collaborate work harder and are motivated for successful enterprises. The willingness to work is a critical quality of leadership because there are many tasks to do. Ants, bees and beavers are cited as hard-workers because they are successful at getting the job done. Moreover, a professional must not be afraid to make a mistake. Have you ever watched the ants build an ant hill and someone step on it to scatter their work? The ant is persistent and does not give up. So, too a leader must be persistent and persevere.

The Passion for Continuous Learning

And education compels the leader to learn more and with the learning gain stronger, more clearly defined insights which in turn strengthen the relationships and understanding of Information Technology. The desire to listen and the confidence to talk with connectivity bridges the communication gap between departments and organizational functionalities. Better interpersonal skills bridge the communication platform and allows expression of thought. The technical idea is translated into constructs for others to work with. Honest acclamation and working to correct mistakes and improve skills gains respect. Companies who strive to help their employees and management better express themselves and connect as a team; optimize interaction.

Gain more success with the ability to communicate your objectives clearly and with others willing to follow!

Not everyone who is on your team is willing to follow the directives. This is a common problem for many who are in leadership positions. The solution is to learn how to motivate and empower others to want to follow. Developing stronger interpersonal skills will help you communicate in a way that others will understand what you have 'really' said.

A Business Consultant, Loreen Sherman has over 20 years of inter-disciplinary organizational experience alongside faculty certification. She shares her insights and knowledge to provide strong business support.

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