Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Critical Behavior Patterns on Groups That Collaborate

Presented by Loreen Sherman, MBA

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Loreen Sherman shares insights on Leadership BehaviorYour Attendees will Learn!

 Collaborative Teams Are More Productive!

Does your team work well on activities? Do they share the workload and hand in deliverables on time? If not, then your organization is losing out.

Effective Teamwork is the Core Product of Strong Organizations

Day 1 Morning Session: Is Your Team Just Raw Material?

  • How to Take Advantage of the Initiatives from Within
  • How to Further the Pursuit of Efficiency
  • How to Create a Mandate from Raw Resources

Day 1 Afternoon Session: Turning Your Teams Potential Into Solid Work Units

  • How to See the Opportunity in Each Behavior
  • How to Increase Cohesion and to Build Platforms
  • How to Develop Amazing Synergy

Day 2 Morning Session: What Type of Team Makes a Difference?

  • How to be Proactive rather than Reactive
  • How to Deal with Unclear Objectives
  • How to Identify Communication Challenges

Day 2 Afternoon Session: A Team That Gets Results

  • How to Work Together under High Pressure
  • How to Provide Feedback when You are Scared
  • How to Evaluate Others Fairly

Leadership development seminars provide professional support on different team behaviors. Leadership assessments build a better understanding of each behavior, this results in higher collaboration, better performance and productivity. Loreen Sherman’s professional development seminars are systematic and research based for analytical and diagnostic studies. All have immediate take-aways!

Best Executive Leadership Strategies

Best Executive Leadership Strategies

You are the most important resource. But, are you growing or being properly supported? Every day, executives and managers make decisions that affect the organizational structure, promote growth and are essential to successful relationships. Today’s business landscape is complex. Don't you feel the impact of economic uncertainty? Stress, conflict and the inability to be innovative reduces results. Leadership development is the best way to provide advancement for existing leadership skills. Improve your results with decisive action steps.

Insights on Business Success Factors

·         Have you reached your full potential?
·         Are your skills current?
·         Have you initiated new ideas for product development?
·         Have you developed best practices?
·         Do you have constructive solutions?
·         Are you truly dynamic?
Every business, company, firm or organization needs to support its leaders to help the face new challenges with active involvement and decisive steps. Yes, now you can.
Just like business planning, now you can learn how-to plan your leadership for noticeable results.

  • Be the manager who inspires followers

  • Be the one who benchmarks with confidence

  • Be the executive who makes solid decisions

  • Be the professional who uses time optimally

  • Be the one who sleeps peacefully at night

  • Be the woman who makes a difference

  • Be the manager people can depend on

  • Be the person who is fulfilled

  • Be the man who is not afraid of tomorrow

  • Be the leader who is recognized for excellence

  • Be the manager who balances work and home life

  • Be the executive who motivates others to higher limits

  • Be the person who is not forgotten at death

  • Be the one who manages people well

  • Be the inspiration -- which is prepared!

Strategic Leadership Gets Results

Get help to recognize your pitfalls.

  • Creates higher productivity

  • Encourages better communication

  • Helps business women position themselves strategically

  • Increases innovation

  • Provides management skills to empower teams

  • Strengthens leadership roles

Get the Executive Development You Need

We provide professional, tailored to our client’s requirements and needs:

  • An ensuite of executive business presentations.

  • Customized executive seminars on topics of interest.

  • Modular skills packages focused on your needs.

  • Specialized information on management development

  • Support and programs for business women 

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