Team Building Idea!

How to Build Today's Leaders for Success

Presented by Loreen Sherman, MBA

Learn the Craft of Team Collaboration




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        “I found your lecture to be extremely interesting and it made me think over a lot over the last few days how what you said relates to my own life” Cameraman, The Edge, Calgary, AB, Canada

        Without effective communication project scope is not defined ...
        • How to Help Your Group Understand the Necessary Requirements
        • How to Develop Strong Contingency Plans
        • How to Meet Critical Deadlines
        • How to Participate as a Unit and Accomplish Goals
        • How to Share Success

        81% of teams that co-operate move onto better positions ... get the executive leadership skills you need so you can too!

        What is Your Team Doing NOW?

        Are you able to turn your back with confidence knowing that your group knows the expectations and will deliver them? Is your group reliable, responsible and dedicated to the objectives? Or, are they just putting in lip-service and waiting for their next pay-check? Performance management helps you build effective strategies for collaboration and cooperation result in better projects, lower conflicts and better communication.

        Attendees Will Learn:

        What does your group do when you turn your back?

        • How to Establish Followership When Your Back is Turned
        • How to Resolve Minor Challenges Before Trouble Starts
        • How to Assess Who Did What and Reward Them

        A Strong Team is a Valuable Asset

          The human factors in every organization are the backbone of its success. Build your group and let them know they are important in order to achieve more productive, better communicators and to gain a competitive advantage. You will be glad you did.
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