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Leadership Skills for Today - How to Transform Your LeadershipTurning good managers into exceptional leaders. Learn how to lead a business and take control of daily tasks.Get insights, empower your team and learn the secrets to transform your leadership. Kindle Bestseller.

Business Skills for Today - How to Deploy Growth InitiativesLead a team, become more productive and gain a competitive advantage. Learn how to deploy growth initiatives. Advanced management strategies, tips and techniques on how your business strategy can give you a competitive advantage. Kindle Bestseller.

Management Consulting - Executive Coaching

Loreen Sherman, CEO and Co-Founder, Senior Management Consultant, Star-Ting Incorporated

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You were so wonderful explaining things I have never heard before.  I feel so much more confident that I am making the right decisions in the growth of my companies. 
 — Dorothy Briggs, Publisher, WOMANITION
Leadership On The Line

Leadership On The Line

How well prepared is your company / firm for the next transition of leaders?.

  • 9 Million Retiring Baby Boomers predicted by 2016.
  • A significant skills mismatch and a talent war is on.
  • Who will the next voice of leadership be?

We provide support with professional Management Consulting Services

Our Competencies: Change Management | Executive Coaching | Performance Management | Leadership Development | Succession Planning | Organic SEO
Have You Planned Your Succession?

Have You Planned Your Succession?

Research indicates the nearly 60% of organizations report they are experiencing a leadership shortage right now, an increase of 40 percentage points from just one year ago.

The growing number of firms facing potential leadership shortages is alarming, already a shortage of qualified think-tanks exist.

How close to transition is your firm?



(Answer these five questions affirmatively or negatively).

1. Our firm knows how many people retire each year and our skilled executives are being replaced competently?

2. Our talent supply in 2014 is increasing and we can fill our positions even with senior management retiring?

3. Our Board and Executive Director and CEO have an integrated succession plan in place?

4. A management exit strategy is in place?

5. Our company understands the phases involved in selling our Company?

If your company/firm answers "no" to any of these questions then a business succession plan can help you make important decisions about ownership, maximize your company's value and develop pro-active exit strategies.

Proactive Approach to Succession Planning

Proactive Approach to Succession Planning


A well-developed succession plan can increase the retention of superior employees and is a key strategy for the continuity of an organization. Each phase of development needs to be assessed in core focus areas and critical functions to raise awareness for better growth initiatives and future possibilities to help you increase operational efficiencies.
"Leading is a Planned Action, Planning Outcomes."
With the right paperwork, marketing and professional assistance you can sell your business in a timely manner. 

Loreen Sherman
CEO, Co-Founder, Senior Management Consultant
Star-Ting Incorporated

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